Refuge Community Center

In April, 2015, we celebrated the two year anniversary of the Community Center for Homeless Youth. It is located at 1229 S. Broadway, Denver. In those two years we have serviced over 400 homeless youth.

The issues these youth face are:

Family Life: 65% of the youth, we minister experienced sexual and/or physical abuse in the family. They fear the word love, because it means pain and loss.

Guidance and Support: The street life is lonely and frightening. Those we serve are so lost. They see no way out of their never-ending cycle of fear and despair. They don’t trust, because they have been used, abused and betrayed. It takes time, consistency, dependability, honesty and forgiveness. Eventually the trust comes, followed by a willingness to open their hearts to us and GOD.

Housing: Our homeless youth use cardboard boxes and trash bags to make frail, haphazard shelters; they sleep on heating vents of large office buildings; they break into abandoned buildings, or they roam the streets.

Food: Those we serve are blessed to have one meal a day. Many have nothing to eat for days at a time.

Employment: So many people ask, “Why don’t they get a job?” Here’s why:

  • A very low self-image
  • Can’t bathe regularly
  • Limited Education
  • Limited clothing/Nowhere to do their laundry
  • Haven’t learned a work ethic

What is the answer? GOD’S LOVE!!!!!!
Help us as we conduct 50 Christian based programs each month!!!!!


Wednesday (7am – 5pm) – Refuge for Homeless Youth

  • Free Lunch
  • Bible Study
  • Games and Activities
  • Christian Counseling
  • Supervised Exercise Programs
  • Individual Prayer Time
  • Job Placement
  • Clothing Bank

Saturday (10am – 5pm) (Two Saturdays per month)

  • Mountain Adventure Trips

Sunday (11:30am – 2pm)

  • Worship Service/Free Lunch