Mountain Ministry

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

This ministry was inspired by a Bible Study Skip Starr, our CEO, had with some of the homeless youth. He was discussing the majesty 
and beauty of GOD’s creation. During the study, he asked how many youth had been to the mountains. Not one raised their hand. At that moment, Skip promised that each of them would have the opportunity to experience the adventure, the wonder and the majesty of the mountains.

As a result, each Saturday, volunteers take some of the youth on adventure trips to the mountains. These trips:

  • Let the youth experience the beauty and majesty of GOD’s creation.
  • Let the youth experience the adventure and challenges the mountains provide.
  • Allow the youth to work together to overcome obstacles and reach challenging goals, thus building their self-
    confidence and teamwork.
  • Help broaden each youth’s horizons.

Each trip is unique, with different opportunities and challenges. The trips to date have been:

  • Duffey Cove – Outisde of Woodland Park this quaint little mountain lake below a small water fall attracts young and old.
  • Green Mountain Falls – A 400 foot waterfall that you can climb through the water, exploring caves and rock climbing.
  • St. Mary’s Glazier – We hike to the glazier, enjoyed the incredible scenery and tubed down the glazier.
  • Buffalo Creek/South Platte River – Several waterfalls, including one you slide down as the creek enters a cave. You swim/wade
    until you reach the cave exit. We tubed/swam in the South Platte River.
  • Continental Falls – A waterfall south of Breckenridge, which we hiked, climbed and enjoyed the scenery and the remnants of an
    old mining camp.
  • Clear Creek, Golden, CO – We tubed the creek, which had several challenging rapids, which caused a record 7 youth being thrown from their tubes!!!  It was exciting and everyone survived!!!
  • Cave of the Winds – A fantastic cave in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. The youth also enjoyed several exciting rides, including a Zip Line across the canyon and the “Terror-Dactyl”, on which you freefall 85 feet before being swung across the canyon!!!

Cave of the Winds

St. Mary’s Glacier

Green Mountain Falls Adventure

Terror-Dactyl Videos

Duffy Cove

ACDC Mountain Trip

Boulder Trip

Continental Falls

Green Mountain Falls 2

Buffalo Creek