Statement of Faith

The members of the REFUGE CITY MINISTRIES share the love of CHRIST through word and deed, to those most in need, those forgotten by our affluent society; ex-offenders (men, women and youth released from jail/prison, incarcerated youth, homeless youth and youth from broken homes. REFUGE CITY MINISTRIES BELIEVES:

  • The Bible is GOD written and GOD inspired and is the authoritative word for our living faith.
  • In the Trinity of the FatherSon and Holy Spirit.
  • In sharing the love of GOD through the Grace of Jesus Christ with all those in need.
  • In providing opportunities for all those in need, their families and loved ones to receive GOD‘s forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ and to grow in their faith, through study and service.
  • In helping to provide for the material and social needs for all those in need, their families and loved ones; including housing, transportation, clothing, food, education, friendship and emotional support.


Refuge City Ministries Serving the Lost and Forgotten

Refuge City Ministries was founded to serve the lost and forgotten of Denver; the homeless youth,incarcerated youth, men and women as they are released from prison, and families who are suffering in these difficult economic times. We assist those in need by bringing them the Word of GOD (we offer five Bible Studies per week), by providing transportation to CHCC (Cherry Hills Community Church), by building relationships based on LOVE, by providing Christian Counseling, employment opportunities, free meals and clothing. To further discuss how you can donate or volunteer, you can contact me

Facts about homeless youth in Denver

  • The average age of a homeless youth is 14.7 years
  • 63% left home because of sexual or physical abuse
  • 75% self-medicate with drugs and alcohol
  • The average cost to the tax payer is $23,600/year/youth
  • Denver has the 8th highest homeless youth population

Christian Counseling Program

One of the programs offered at the Refuge Community Center is Christian Counseling.

We have two very talented Christian women who are certified counselors, and work with our homeless youth in group and individual sessions. They use art and music to provide the youth with a medium to express their thoughts and fears.  Their monthly reports offer great in-site into the hearts and minds of our youth.


I can tell it’s October, from the chills on my neck. I’m young and a bum, so I don’t get much respect. Try’n to live by the phrase, “You give what you get,” I’ll try not to be, the most broken you’ve ever met. Poem by Sandy, a homeless girl

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Ways to support our ministry



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