LOST & FOUND CHURCH – A Sanctuary for All


LOST & FOUND CHURCH, was formed by Movement 5280 and Refuge City Ministries to share the love of CHRIST, through word and deed, to the lost and least of Denver; the homeless and those who have been incarcerated (ex-offenders), their families, and their loved ones.

Were you raised in a loving, caring family?  65% of the youth, men and women we serve have experienced sexual and/or physical abuse in their family. They fear the word love, because it means pain and loss.

Is your home safe?  The streets of Denver are dangerous!  One of the members of our church, a homeless young girl, was shot and killed, when a drug deal went bad.  One of our homeless boys saw a man stabbed to death and ran from the murderer, until we reunited him with his family. One of the youth we helped get a job was beaten and robbed of his first pay check.

At night, do you go to sleep in a warm house and a soft bed? Many of the homeless youth, who are members of our church, use cardboard boxes and trash bags to make a haphazard shelter; they sleep on heating vents of large office buildings; they break into abandoned buildings, or they roam the streets.

Do you get three good meals every day? Those we minister are blessed if they have one meal a day.

Do you have a job that provides for your family’s needs and desires?  I hear so many people say, “Why don’t they get a job?”  I’ll tell you why:

* They have a very low self image (no self-confidence).

* They have limited education.

*  They can’t bathe regularly.

*  They have limited clothing and nowhere to wash their clothes.

*  They haven’t developed a “work ethic.”

*  They don’t know how to trust other people.

What is the answer?  GOD’S LOVE!!!!!!

Church service is every Sunday at noon, followed by fellowship and a free lunch.  Currently, we are holding the noon Sunday service at Denver First Church, located at 3800 E. Hampden Avenue, Englewood, CO  80113.