The Blessing of Baptism

Today was the second most significant day of my life. The most significant day was the day I surrendered my life to GOD, accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, and received the gift of the Holy Spirit!!!!! Today was a Baptismal Service at CHCC. We had two homeless youth and seven ex-offenders baptized today.

The day started as every Sunday does. I picked up seven residents from the ACTC Halfway house to bring them to worship at CHCC. However, today, these men were going to be baptized. They were scheduled for the noon Baptism. On the way to CHCC, the men asked if I would be baptizing them. I explained that I was an ordained minister, but not a member of the CHCC ministry staff, so I couldn’t baptize them. Due to other demands, they could not wait until noon to be baptized. In addition, the homeless youth were to be baptized at the nine o’clock service. One of the youth, Amaya, was to give her testimony, which then would be replayed at the noon baptism. I approached Tyler Grissom, the pastor who was conducting the baptismal services, and asked if they could all be baptized at the first service. He was concerned about the time it would take. We approached Pastor Shane, explained the situation, and without hesitation he said “Let’s do it.”

What Pastor Shane said next took me totally by surprise. He said, “Skip, you help Tyler baptize them.” I didn’t know what to say. Shane, seeing my shock, said, “You brought them, you baptize them.” As I look back on that moment, Shane said it in a way, as if he knew the impact it would have on me.

I prayed to GOD, asking for the inspiration and strength to glorify his name in this sacred sacrament. I had no change of clothes, so when the time came, I went to the stage, took off my shoes and socks and climbed into the tub, clothes and all.

Tyler and Amaya followed me. Tyler said a prayer and introduced Amaya, who then gave her testimony. She was nervous, so I held her tight, to give her support. When she finished, we baptized her. She arose from the water to a standing ovation!! We gave each other a long, tearful hug, and then the procession began as each of the Refuge ministry members took their turn. At times it was a challenge, as some of the men from ACTC weighed well over 250 pounds!!! As each one was raised from the water, they were greeted by a loud ovation from the crowd.

Each time they turned and hugged me, and thanked me for bringing them to Christ.
After the service, we all gathered together and I tearfully told them how honored and touched I was to baptize them. I was overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit and felt so blessed to be part of GOD’s ministry, a part of GOD’s plan, a tool GOD used to inspire these men and women to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

GOD Bless,